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I first heard about Lori Dixon at Dixon and Associates Therapy Services from a close friend a few years ago. I had rotator cuff surgery and was (so I thought) receiving physical “therapy”. Instead, I found myself alone majority of the time, unsure if I was doing the exercises correctly.  The physical therapist would occasionally come out and show me another exercise and then leave again. After multiple physical therapy (PT) sessions my shoulder was still “frozen” and I had almost maxed out my insurance. I decided to take my friend’s advice and call Lori Dixon at Dixon and Associates Therapy Services.  

To my surprise I found a delightful, caring, and professional occupational therapist in Lori. She worked one-on-one with me, asked me to describe how I was feeling during the exercises, and was able to listen to my “body” as when to stop. After a few visits, my shoulder had “thawed out” (even though it was painful) and I had some range of motion.  After a few more sessions and doing the at home exercises Lori Dixon prescribed, I was able to get 100% of my full range of motion back!

This year I had trigger thumb surgery which remained tremendously painful, stiff, and swollen for four weeks after my operation.  Having such great success with Lori Dixon, I called and made another appointment. The first week was spent “unfreezing” the thumb, getting back some range of motion, and donning an edema glove.  After almost two weeks of Occupational Therapy (OT) my thumb was back doing the things I love (playing the piano, cello, and flute).

 Lori Dixon at Dixon and Associates Therapy Services is the only person I fully trust to treat me and other people with care, dignity, and qualified expertise. With her many years of exceptional training and experience, Lori Dixon is truly an extraordinary therapist and person!  

- Dr. Pam Krueger

The first I heard of Ms. Dixon’s work was from my son that was suffering with a sports injury.  He injured his lower back prior to the start of his spring track season and was desperate for relief and healing.  Ms. Dixon was terrific for him, identifying the location of the pain and treating it with exercise, stretching, and her hands-on manipulation of the muscular strain it turned out to be.   We were all relieved it wasn’t structural.

 After facing my third neck/back surgery in less than 2 years I knew I needed to do something to get back into a normal physical routine,  despite the recommendation that physical therapy “really wasn’t necessary.”  Having had physical therapy sessions in the past that only provided suggestions of exercises to do on my own, including a stack of photocopied instructions, I wanted more.   Ms. Dixon does just that by providing personalized service which actually accelerated my recovery; tight muscles loosened, pain relieved, appropriate exercises & stretching recommended, and solid advice to avoid future visits to the operating room.

 As for my son…..he got started with his track season right on time.  Ms. Dixon is definitely on the short list of those deserving credit for him achieving his lofty goal of winning all 4 of his individual events in the  NC state meet.


    -Jim Freiberger

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